The Story of Richard Cabral, The Gangster turned Hollywood Actor

Richard Cabral’s tattoos tell the story of his life. They depict Mexican gang culture, his friends, uncles, and even his daughter Bella. Cabral’s intense look and powerful acting have landed him a lot of TV roles, but his path to Hollywood wasn’t easy. Not long ago, Cabral was a gang member in prison, facing a possible 35-year sentence; this Sunday, he’s up for an Emmy.

Growing up in East Los Angeles, Cabral was surrounded by gangs. He joined one at age 14 and was quickly drawn into its violent world. His first tattoo was the name of his gang; soon, he had dozens of them. In 2006, Cabral was arrested for attempted murder and faced a possible 35-year sentence. But he turned down a plea deal and decided to take his case to trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

While incarcerated, Cabral took classes in drama and writing. He also started coaching other inmates in boxing and mixed martial arts. And he never stopped dreaming of becoming an actor. In 2013, after serving seven years of his sentence, Cabral was released on parole . . . just days before the audition that would change his life forever.

He went to the audition with nothing to lose . . . and ended up getting the role of Miguel Galindo on the hit ABC show “American Crime.” The role has won him critical acclaim – and now he’s up for an Emmy award!

Richard Cabral lived his dream and will walk down the red carpet at the Emmys as one of Hollywood’s hottest new stars – but he’ll never forget where he came from or how close he came to spending the rest of his life behind bars

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