Tattooed Tears Documentary 1979

It’s difficult to put into words what it’s like to be incarcerated in a California Youth Authority facility. It’s an experience that is both eye-opening and sobering.

The four young males I spent time with are all serving lengthy sentences for serious crimes. But despite their backgrounds, they were all surprisingly open and friendly.

We talked about everything from music and movies to their hopes and dreams for the future. They were eager to share their stories, and I was struck by how different their lives were from my own.

Every day, they face the challenges of living in a maximum security environment, where violence and gangs are an everyday reality. But they also find ways to make the most of their time, enjoying games of basketball and football in the yard, and spending time with friends in the common areas.

It was a privilege to spend time with these young men, and I left feeling humbled by their strength and resilience. I hope that by sharing their stories, we can help bring awareness to the challenges they face every day.

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