Deep House Party Mix – Volume 4


In the early 1990s, deep house music emerged as a distinct genre in the electronic music scene. It differed from the upbeat and cheerful techno and house music that was popular at the time, with its slower tempos, soulful and funky rhythms, and mellower sound. This new style of music quickly gained a following among clubbers and DJs, and soon deep house parties were all the rage.

By the mid-1990s, deep house had become one of the most popular styles of dance music, with DJs like Sasha and Paul Oakenfold playing its tracks in clubs all over the world. The genre continued to evolve throughout the decade, with new producers and DJs adding their own spin to the sound. By the end of the 1990s, however, it had begun to lose popularity to newer styles like trance and progressive house.

Nevertheless, deep house remains a staple of electronic music culture today, with many DJs continuing to play its tracks in their sets. And every once in a while, you can still find a deep house party where everyone is dancing to those soulful beats from years gone by.

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