The 98 Hard House CD I was listening to before I almost DIED!

The music was blaring and the energy was electric as we all piled into the limo to head to our favorite Hollywood party spot. We were all excited, especially since it was a special occasion–the release of our favorite Hard House CD.


As we made our way through the streets of LA, everyone in the car was getting pumped up by the music. We were all nodding our heads and throwing some serious dance moves when suddenly…BAM! The car crashed into another vehicle head-on.

We were all thrown around inside and when I came to, I could see that the driver had been killed instantly. The other car had also crashed and was on fire. I could see people inside screaming for help, but there was nothing that I could do.

I started to panic as the flames began to lick at the car door. Suddenly, one of my friends shouted “Everyone out!” We all scrambled out of the car just as it exploded behind us.

As we ran away from the burning wreck, I looked back and saw that it had been engulfed in flames. It was a horrific sight and I couldn’t believe that we had barely escaped with our lives. As we made our way to the Palace, I knew that we would never forget this night….

This story was contributed by Angel Morales of Lincoln Heights.

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