Tiger From Seductress – 1993

CRAZY LIFE is our movie title for our upcoming Documentary. It’s one of our many new shows we will be launching on NELATV. We will be using the title as well to highlight the topics that will be in our movie for social media.

Like many of the stories Fox 11 reporter Chris Blatchford covered during the 90’s, most were prejudice and biased towards the Latino culture. I never quite understood why Fox 11 was so fascinated with our culture. I remember waiting for his series to come on every evening hoping I would come out in one of them, lol.

It never happened unfortunately. But thank God, I was able to meet up with a Producer from Fox 11 a few years ago and he sold me his library of footage he had shot during this era. I couldn’t believe it, this man just gave a treasure trove of footage to work with.

I’ve used lots of that footage on various stories but this one in particular is one of the first. I know most of you may have seen this episode already, but if you haven’t it’s one of his earlier pieces on this growing Party Crew scene that was shot in 1993. Party crews were barely changing from calling themselves clubs.

However, you can tell by Chris Blatchford’s sentiments and his tone that he was very hell-bent on trying to make it look like stripping at parties was so bad, lmao. This is so contradictory considering everyone else was doing it. We were just an extension of what the current culture was experiencing. We just added our own twist to it. Just like the blacks do with things.

We were just as creative and innovative as anyone else, we just never had the platform to show it. Now that is all changing do to media companies like NELATV who is leading the charge in archiving and saving our stories.

How can we know where to go from here, if we don’t know where we came from? Having an identify and understanding your background and foundation is essential to humanity, it gives us a sense of tribe and belonging.

I look forward to uplifting our culture and telling the stories no one will. This is an exploration and examination of our past, current and future Chicano culture in hopes of learning from our mistakes, just as well as empowering our people to achieve greatness.

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