George Lopez Hates On Latino Comic Ralph Barbosa…Lame Foo

You can Listen through the entire podcast but where he really starts to throw shade is at 43:12, 55:00 and finally he gets fed up and lets us know his true colors at 1:34:38.

This is the type of old school ideology that plague our communities. This is the reason why the Jewish, Asian and Persian communities continues to succeed and we get left behind. Because of our “Crab” like mentality. When one person is thriving, we feel the need to pull them back down.

I used to like George Lopez, in fact I thought he represented our community well, but you can tell that he brings with him a lot of hatred for whatever that reason may be.

I know Ralph Barbosa hasn’t had as much experience as him and I’m sure he will start to break out even more so, but there is no reason for us to hate on one another, especially in a time like today where Latinos are on the rise.

He needs to get used to sharing the stage and rather then not opening doors for others, he should think like the host of this podcast, Steve Trevino and think about how he can elevate others and use the platform he was given.

I hope George Lopez changes his ways and starts to help other comics that have talent, rise to the top.

And another one….

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