Children of Violence was a hardcore look at Chicano Gang culture in 80’s.

“Children of Violence” is a PBS Documentary that was filmed in 1981 with it’s TV debut in 1982 and the winner of an Emmy.  The film was shoot by film maker Bill Jersey.  It focused on a Mexican American, Chicano Family from East Oakland known as the Parkin Family and the sons who were members of a infamous aka notorious 60’s or the Sixties (SESENTAS).

The documentary goes inside the lives of the Parkin family.  Mrs. Olivia Parkin is the Mom that kept this family of more than 9 kids together and lived on 65th Ave in East Oakland.

The main protagonist of the Documentary is Carlos (Bean) Parkin. Olivia’s son Bean was the leader of the 60’s gang along with his brother Danny (Dancin Dan) Parkin.  The documentary goes into his unique life living in East Oakland, reflecting the street life.   We find him and the 60”s going to jail,  getting into fights and cruising E.14th St. in banged up Lowriders crusing to the Quarter Pound, Giant Burger on E14th St & 37th Ave in the Fruitvale district. The documentary also shows how deadly life in a Gang can really be and  how “Bean” lost his best friend Julian Rodriguez over a telephone call.  


This film chroniclizes the gang beef’s with rival gangs, Police brutality in the community.  In particular at the end of the documentary is when Carlos Parkin’s brother Jerry is beaten by renigade OPD – then covered up by saying he committed suicide in his Jail cell, but the family knew the police killed him. One scene also shows the “Sixties” taking out their frustration on the football field in a game played in East Oakland off of 67th Ave with a Rival Gang  “41st Psycos.”  

The barrio 60’s derived from the “East Oakland Lowriders” started by Jerry Parkin and then morphed into “Los Hermanos Del Barrio” and then the 60’s.  The 6o’s name came from the Avenues – some lived on 61st Ave, 62nd, 65th, 66th, and 69th Ave.  The main members were the Original 7 – Bean, Droopy, Smiley, Chico, Gato, Solider Boy, and Sapo with honorary members Dancin’ Dan, Slow-Motion, Chino (rubber) Blob, Twinkie, Poison, Robert, Zombie, Poochie, Mama Lee, Short-Cake, The God Of Hell-Fire. 

Children of Violence was a hardcore look at Chicano Gang culture in Oakland during the early 80’s.

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